Background of the Poet

The Conference of the Birds synopsis explains a philosophical poem composed by Persian and Sufi scholar Attar. The ballad comprises more than 4500 lines. Formed in northeastern Iran, Attar is a great mystical ballad among the hugest of Persian writing works. A glorious, metaphorical rendering of the Islamic doctrine of Sufism, an exclusive system concerned about the search for truth through God, portrays the results of the conference of the bird when they meet to start the look for their optimal ruler, the Simorgh winged creature. On hearing that to discover him, they should embrace a difficult trip; the birds soon express their reservations to their leader, the hoopoe. With expressiveness and understanding, in any case, the hoopoe quiets their feelings of trepidation, utilizing a progression of riddling stories to give direction in the inquiry to a profound truth. By turns clever and significant, The Conference of the Birds changes profound conviction into radiant verse. I asked if the birds will reach their destination, see the legendary bird, and how the narrative will end.

Roles Played by Farid al-Din

Reading through the chapters, there is a young man, Farid al-Din, voyaged broadly, going to Egypt, Syria, Arabia, India, and Central Asia. He at long last settled in his local town, Nishapur, in northeastern Iran, where he spent numerous years gathering the verses and sayings of renowned Sufis. His name, Attar, which implies a perfumer or pharmacist, may show that he, his dad, or his granddad practised that exchange. There is much discussion among researchers concerning the correct points of interest of his life and demise and also the validness of a considerable lot of the artistic works credited to him.

The Major Themes in the Prologue

The ruffian’s narrative shows up in the prologue to The Conference of the Birds synopsis is the thing that struck me most. The prologue is developed around a well-known expression of the prophet Muhammad in which God proclaims & quote; My Mercy precedes my Wrath.” In this preface, the creator, Attar, portrays how he went to the court of God. Understanding that just a single in 100,000 is decided for blessing, he asks God & quote; Bestow on my good fortune, since I come in poverty. Quite suddenly, this petition is trailed by the concise story of the ruffian, in which a bandit drags home a wretch keeping in mind the end goal to burglarize him and in the long run end his life. Following the concise story, the artist influences an enthusiastic interest to God’s leniency with words that to propose the story’s basic centrality: “ My King, You saw the wretch I was; I vow the sins You saw are gone; look at me now I sinned from ignorance and carelessness; forgive my sins and pity my distress.

In Sufi figurative stories, for example, this element portrays different characters; more than one individual can speak to God’s characteristics or different parts of the spirit. In the ruffian account, both the bandit and his wife are viewed by conventional translators as being two distinct qualities of God. The ruffian is God’s Justice (Al-Adl), and his better half is God’s sympathy in its dynamic frame (Al-Rahim). The wretch himself is none other than the repenting soul who has been dragged, absolutely dejected and desperate, into the court of the Just.

Theme of the Ballad/ Simorgh

The attachment to Attar’s work is not just in light of its depth, insight, and beauty yet additionally given oneâ€&trade faith in the energy of interpretation to overcome any issues amongst individuals and societies. Sufism is a spiritual philosophy, and every person, paying little respect to their faith and religion, can come to feel its happy effect on their spirit. As an artist, I trust that the demonstration of interpretation is that of recreation. An interpreter of the verse can turn into the unwitting destroyer of ballads, or on the other hand, a maker of new ones. You might want to acquaint Attar with the English-speaking world through a new and open current interpretation of this huge work.

The name of the ballad is based, somehow, on a word game, ” Simorgh,” the name of the legendary bird of Iranian folklore, consonant with the Persian Simurgh that signifies thirty birds. The ballad is portrayed by a substantial number of short instructional stories woven into the primary story and profound imagery, in this way, the picture of each bird encapsulates a human sin; for example, the parrot is associated with the pursuits of the immortality wellspring as opposed to looking to know God, seven valleys, which the birds need to cross, are related with the seven senses that a man, according to the lessons of the Sufis, must overcome for understanding the genuine idea of God.

In the sonnet, birds organize a meeting during which they need to choose their ruler. After every one of the questions, a hoopoe welcomes them to locate an unbelievable Simurgh to offer him this title. The closure of the sonnet is additionally associated with the Sufi lessons: as per Sufism, God does not exist as some external substance or independently from the universe; he is reflected in the summation of all that exists.

The ultimate Meaning of the Simorgh

Simorgh, it turns out, implies thirty birds; however, if forty or fifty had arrived, it would be the same. By demolishing themselves gloriously in the Simurgh, they end up in joy, take in the secrets, and get everlasting life. Since you do not understand your nothingness and do not renounce your self-pride, vanity, and self-esteem, you will not achieve everlasting life statures.

The Conference of the Birds synopsis investigates themes, for example, an examination of the self, the failings every individual has inside them, and the look for administration and direction both without and inside. Before the end of the dangerous voyage through the seven valleys, just thirty birds remain. They are altogether changed forever by the experience. At that point, hoopoe discloses to them they have arrived at the home of the Simorgh and aides them to a lake. There, they look in and see the Simorgh glancing back at them in their particular reflections. They understand that the holiness they were looking for, the ideal leader who could manage them to solidarity, was inside them from the start was the most significant part that stood out to me about the bird’s journey.

The sonnet ends with how they discover a home, which ends up being an extensive lake; taking a look at the lake water, birds see their appearance in it. The closure of the sonnet is associated with the Sufi lessons. As indicated by Sufism, God does not exist as some outside substance or independently from the universe; he is reflected in the summation of all that exists. When the light of lights is showed, and they are in peace, they wind up noticeably mindful that the Simurgh is them. They start another life in the Simurgh and consider the internal world.

The Hoopoe and the King

The Conference of the Birds synopsis starts with every one of the world’s birds social occasions for the main meeting. They understand they do not have a leader and conclude that they should pick a ruler. In any case, none can concede to who should lead them, so they search out the insight of the hoopoe, known as the most astute of all birds. The hoopoe proposes that the fitting lord for them would be the Simorgh, a mystical bird never observed by any of them. Nonetheless, the excursion will be long and dangerous; the hoopoe cautions them and will take them through seven valleys loaded with trials and tests.

Many birds set out on the adventure. However, just the individuals who can stand the tests that anticipate them will see the end and discover the Simorgh. Every species of the bird speaks to an alternate sin or identity. Then the birds discover that the trek has been tied in with seeing their actual sides inside, and they are broken down into the divine Unity. Lastly, the central message of the story & quote; A king who placed mirrors in his palace & quote; that the hoopoe tells the birds is the theme of examining the self. With the help of good governance and military prowess rendered with the king himself, the key figure teaches his people to identify with the self at the end of that story, where he found a solution of placing mirrors in his palace to quench his people’s thirst for seeing him. It was indeed the wisest decision to come up with such an idea. The conference of the birds synopsis sends a powerful message that might hold for humans in search of meaning and truth is to always believe in themselves and their inner selves.


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