How to write argumentative essay step by step : Simplified Guide

Foremost, an argumentative essay is a style of writing that requires the scholar to investigate a subject; gather, generate and compare evidence; and set up a function on the subject in a concise manner. The aim is to provide your position and give supporting evidence to convince the reader. Before understanding the step-by-step guide, it is equally important that you know the elements of an argumentative essay.

Elements of an Argumentative Essay

1. Position

Always ensure that you are aware of the side you are taking. Notably, this will enable you to express why you took your stance. For instance, you may give exact reasons as to why you support your argument. For example, you may be arguing as to why all schools should adopt e-learning. Provide exact reasons to show the importance of E-learning.

2. Evidence

Here is where research plays a huge role. Ensure that you provide truthful validation for your reasons from outside resources. It is crucial to give citations and references to show where you gathered your information from. Notably, if you lack intext citations and references your evidence may not be taken into consideration. For instance, cite research studies that show why E-learning should be adopted in schools.

3. Counterarguments

Remember in an argumentative essay you need to provide the other side of the argument.  Always indicate the opposing argument from your view. Notably, after giving these counterarguments go ahead and explain why they are false or weak by also giving factual validation.

Simplified Guide on Write an Argumentative Essay

Here is a simplified guide on how to plan before writing your argumentative essay.

1. Outline

Before, writing an outline ensure you have picked your topic and done research on it. Afterward, when writing an outline, you need more than an opinion to have your argument heard, you need to have a well-defined outline that will guide you throughout the writing. The outline should clearly show your point of view, reasoning, and evidence. The best argumentative essays have an introductory paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Remember, identifying your predominant factors earlier than you begin keeps you on track. Also having order will make transitions simpler and more meaningful. Also, ensure your do research on your topic to ensure your arguments are well backed up.

2. Introductory paragraph

The first paragraph should outline the topic and provide background information. Notably, this is to help the reader comprehend your argument. Also, add the evidence you will analyze and state in your thesis. In addition, state each paragraph with a topic sentence that directly relates to your argument. Notably, this will show the relevance of the information in your argument.

Importantly, hook your readers, the first statements should entice the reader and get their attention. Mention the importance of your subject matter, readers need to understand the issue being addressed in the essay.

3. Thesis Statement

It is in the first part of the paragraph. It should contain a summary of the main point. It should tell the reader what the argumentative essay is about. A thesis should also serve as a guideline when you start jotting the body parts.

How to Successfully Write a Thesis Statement

Turn your topic into a question and provide answers

Notably, to have to ensure you remain on track set a question in the title of your argumentative essay or the first few sentences. Then ensure you build up to answering the question in your thesis statement. For instance, in your title, you could ask, “Why should all schools adopt E-learning? Then the answer with your thesis statement: E-learning makes it possible for people to study despite their physical location. Remember that an intriguing question draws the reader’s attention and motivates them to keep reading to find the final answer.

Come up with an argument then contest it

It is important to keep your essay as interesting as possible, come up with an idea that is contradictory to your belief. Then immediately explain why you don’t support it. Alternatively, this method is effective as it uses evidence and instantly demonstrates your credibility.

Outline your main points

Introduce your main point then explain how you will back it up. This will give your reader a clear idea of how you will explain your points in your essay. It also acts as a guide to aid you to keep your points organized and on track.

Argumentative essay body paragraphs

These paragraphs should show why you support your thesis with valid proof. It should have at least more than three paragraphs supporting your thesis. Each paragraph should bring out a different idea. Let them show why the reader should agree with you. Let them be based on research, statistics, and studies with citations. Also, Use effectual switches between paragraphs. The aim is to connect previous and current points enhancing flow.

Types of Argument Claims

Once you have a topic and have a well-defined thesis statement, put into consideration how you will present your argument. Here are 5 argumentative claims that can guide your essay:

  1. Fact – This considers whether the statement provided is true or false
  2. Definition – Your definition is from the dictionary, plus your interpretation. Hence you merge the two.
  3.  Value – Show the essence of your argument
  4. Cause and effect – The cause of the problem in your essay and the effect it has
  5. Policy -why should the reader care about your stance and what should they do after reading the essay.

4. How to acquire content

You will need to research your ideas and break down your findings into your body paragraphs. Always ensure that you are sure of your thesis statement to avoid confusion. You can use different forms of research like books, journals, documentaries, and blogs from credible sources. Always ensure you read broadly to have a good topical overview of the topic.

5. Conclusion

This should be one paragraph that gives a summary while restating your thesis. It should convince the reader of your argument’s validity.  You can do this by adding a call to action statement and guiding them on what to believe or feel. Remember to proofreading as it helps polish your paper. Remember, to ensure that you’re making an excellent transition from the rest of your paper so the reader doesn’t destroy off without listening to what you’ve got to say.

Mistakes to watch out for when introducing an argumentative essay.

Here are common mistakes that students make when writing an argumentative essay.

1. Lack of planning

Planning before writing is prime to a compelling essay. One of the biggest errors most people do is to begin writing without coming up with an outline. Regardless of how confident you are, a plan will help you organize your thoughts and improve the flow. Notably, as you outline how to complete the essay remember to make jot down unique points and note how the essay will glide. You can also add recommendations in bullet form to expound on them.

2. Outlining your arguments

Use the introductory paragraph to state the principal concept at the back of your argument outlined in the thesis, nothing more. In the corresponding frame, paragraphs ensure to present arguments, justifications, evidence, and examples. Ensure that every paragraph is dedicated to a single argument. The thesis assertion isn’t only the only crucial sentence of the creation of the whole essay. 

One observes it ought to carry the main idea of your argumentative essay. Also, ensure the other paragraphs flow logically.  A weak thesis assertion does state clearly your opinion and is undebatable. It fails to inform the reader of the stand you’re taking. In addition, it should not be your opinion but the position you’re taking. Hence, spend extra time to assess the power of your thesis statement and ask yourself if it’s: particular, controversial, logical, and crisp.

3. Dull Essay

Ensure that your essay is interesting and motivates the reader to read more rather than put it aside. Don’t spend a lot of time repeating the challenge specification or writing definitions. Let your argumentative essay be brief, clear, and straight to the point. Ensure your introduction is catchy, informative, and has a logical flow. Remember that the advent and the end paragraphs are meant to be greater than 10% of the essay. Hence, start well and finish with a bang!

Final tips for writing an argumentative essay

When writing your final draft ensure that each of the tips given below is considered.

  • Ensure that your argumentative essay topic has counterarguments.
  • Do thorough research on both sides and provide evidence on both sides to avoid sounding biased. Remember after giving a counter-argument immediately state your stance.
  • Give accurate and substantial facts
  • Follow the guidelines that show how to write an argumentative essay and ensure your thesis statement is well stated.
  • Ensure your essay has an introduction, the body, and the conclusion to avoid losing marks.
  • Always start by identifying an outline, this is after you have your topic and do research.
  • Remember to give citations and avoid plagiarism at all times.
  • Ask a friend or any other person to read your essay to see if they get persuaded
  • Always stick to facts and evidence and not your opinion
  • Run your essay in a plagiarism and grammar checker to eliminate any kind of error.

To sum up, an argumentative essay becomes an essay to write once you have the know-how of how to go about it. Always ensure to observe the guideline provide and you will excel in your paper. All the best!

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